St. James Infirmary

I went down to the Royal Mail bar room
Not too far from the centre of town
Well the drinks they were served as usual
And the usual crowd was around

On my left stood Joe McKennedy
His eyes they were blood shot and red
And he turned to the crowd around him
And these were the very words that he said

I went down to Leicester Royal Infirmery
Saw my baby lying there
She was stretched out on a long white table
So sweet, so cold, and so bare Drums to emphasise this line

Oh let her go, let her go, God bless me
Yes where ever she may be
Cause you can search this wide world over
And youíll never find a loving man like me

Oh when I die wonít you bury me
In a high topped Stetson hat
Put a gold chain in my watch fob
So the gang know that I died standing pat

I want six gamblers to be my pall barers 
I want six women to sing me a song
Well put a jazz band on  my hearse wagon
And weíll raise hell as we go along

Now that youíve heard my story
Wonít you take another shot of booze
And if anybody thinks to ask me
Iíll tell Iíve got those